CJ Robinson

seo consultant for Orlando, FL


It's one thing for your website to be successful, it's another for your website to Rock! Your existing website may function perfectly, it may be clean and sharp, but if your site isn't making you money then it doesn't Rock! Every successful website should fulfill its mission... the reason it was created to begin with. However, a site that Rocks becomes an asset!

“If I still need to sell you on a reason for having a website other than 'welcome to 2016' click here to see why every business should have a website.

why choose me?

Why choose me to get your business or business idea off the ground and on the web?
First, I'm a business owner. I own several online businesses including this one. I've learned tons of information by starting my businesses by myself from the ground up. I've made a lot of mistakes and I'm sure I'll make more, but the important thing is that I've learned from them and you don't have to make the same mistakes. It's not enough to have a good programmer, designer, or promoter. It's about the total package. It's about the bottom line. Is my site making me any money? Does my site Rock!

I can take care of everything with one monthly, quarterly, or yearly bill. Registering domain names, designing the site, and hosting. TIP: Did you know that if you don't pay one of these three bills your website is removed from the web and rendered completely useless!

Here are a few things I can help you with:

  • SEO - Search engine optimization is extremely important. So what does it take to get listed into the top results of Google, Yahoo, or MSN? Oh, just EVERYTHING!
  • Domain Name Registration - This is Step 1. I can register the domain name(s) for you. PLEASE contact me before registering your domain names. SEO starts here and a .COM extension is a must!
  • Web Design - I'll listen to you to design the look and feel of your site but in the end the site must Rock!   If you already have a site and it's just not getting traffic... PLEASE contact me. It probably just needs to be tweaked a little to become proffitable.
  • Social Marketing & Integration - Utilize your social platform, integrate facebook like buttons, build facebook pages, twitter, pinterest, etc.
  • Hosting - With 99.5% uptime, flexible packages with email boxes, plenty of storage and bandwidth I can get your site on the web and keep it there.
  • Graphic Design - If you need to design business logos, stationary, postcards, pamphlets, business cards, and envelopes I can help. IF I can can't design the logo to meet your standards myself I know someone who can.
  • Tools & Training - I can show you or your employees tools for tracking online traffic, keyword analysis, and other meaningful statistics as well as how to use them.
  • GIS / Mapping - It's not as expensive as you think. Most of the time you don't need the expensive GIS programs such as ESRI or Autodesk to create online maps. What would you use this for? As simple as mapping your business' physical location with directions to as complicated as mapping thousands of homes around the country with pictures and prices.
  • Database Development - Most of my sites are database driven with the combination of MySQL and PHP. This way I can setup administrative control panels for anyone to make basic changes to a website. Changes like prices, item descriptions, employee contact information, etc.
  • Low Rates - Right now, I charge $50.00/hour, billed in 1/4 hour increments. And you don't have to pay for benefits or a learning curve!

why have a website?

  • Global- Future customers can find your products from anywhere in the world! Worried about foreign-languages? Translate your site into a number of different languages and offer it as an option when they logon.
  • Open 24/7- Sounds scary I know, but customers can access your website and purchase at their own convenience, even on holidays. Timezones?... what timezones?
  • Information- Provide as much information as you can about your business' products and services so that your customer already knows what they want before they walk through your door... or knows exactly what and when it will be shipped to their door.
  • Save Time- Free up some of your or your employee's time so they aren't always on the phone giving directions to your office, business hours or answering other frequently asked questions.
  • Save the Planet- Ok, well at least a tree or two. Reduce the number of catalogs you send out by promoting your site. Need to change a price, discontinue a product, run a special, no worries. Never stress out again about a printed typo or publication deadline. Change is so easy!
  • Image- Branding purposes... create or expand on an image for your business.
  • Customer Service- Handle customers efficiently and effectively. Post your warranty and return policies for the whole world to see so there is no question.
  • Low Cost- ROI: Return on Investment. Many sites can be maintained for as little as $20.00/ month. One reason is because hosting is becoming more and more competitive thanks to technology. Initial Designs- I've seen prices of websites ranging from $50.00 to $15,000. I think it just depends on your product, the purpose of your site, and how much competition is out there. Don't be financially stupid! A Restaraunt would have to sell a whole lot of burgers to pay for a $15,000 website, on the other hand, a Car Dealer, Realtor or Builder could justify the expense by gaining just one customer or two.
  • Money- Maybe, just maybe you need a site to make Money! How many of your customers already pay their utility bills online? Customers are becoming more and more used to online billing, therefore you can take advantage of having a secure shopping cart or payment gateway to accept payments anytime. Let's make your site Rock!